Imaginary days of being possessed

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  • the forest worshiper's daughter ! 
    worship forest: you worship your father 
  • the lady who actually saw the flowers
  • Rest them well ! 
    for your hands
    are running out of life
    Rest them and leave it
    to the embraces 
  • Stop imitating 
    I am not your mirror
    no one is 
    anybody's mirror
    I may manipulate
    but its your choice
    and I am allowed to
    like you are not allowed to 
  • in the silent light 
  • light-weight-words 
    coming closer 
    oh, as I fall !
  • let me go far away 
    and never chase 
    telling me your tales 
    of changing fates 
    please don’t chase 
    I follow the path a river flows.