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A personal longboard design
'I'm a Lady' Longboard
A personal expression about disappointment
I've always been a work-a-holic with a 'yes' kind of personality. I always try and help out when I can, and I truly fear disappointment. Whether it's taking on another project, or telling someone the truth, sometimes it's hard to say what one is truly thinking. This longboard is based off of a song by the artist Santogold. The song is called 'I'm a Lady' and Santogold sings about how although one's ideas or feelings may not be the most 'convenient,'  you have to go with your gut. Even if it means breaking hearts, not appeasing the world, one needs to stand up for themselves and not be afraid to express and be who one truly is. Along with creating a personal type for the majority of the board, I took a very geometric approach against the natural grain of the board. Disappointment  may be a fear of mine, but it does and will not rule my life.