• Campaign for Dublin City University's annual open day
  • Campaign created around vox pops of DCU students which were hand lettered and animated. 
    Agency: DDFH&B
    Creative Director: Darragh Julian
    Copy Writer: Ted Barry
    Animation House Piranha Bar
    Animator: Alexis Morand
    Usage: Cinema, online, press and outdoor
  • Press ad
  • rough
  • final 48sheet artwork
  • 48sheet Billboard
  • I felt it was important for the overall effect for all the type to be hand lettered, right down to the URLs
  • The client, DCU, were very good in allowing me to create a hand crafted version of their logo:)
  • The hand lettering was also animated for cinema by Piranha Bar
  • The wonderful animation is by Alexis Morand in Piranha Bar
  • Below are the set-ups for the indvidual scenes that make up the 20 sec animated ad above. All were handed over as layered photoshop files to the animator... he did the rest (thanks Alexis) :)
  • I am Success Story
  • DCU Open Days
  • I'm Ready
  • Hitting Books and Nails on the Head
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • The Dark Horse
  • On the Crest of a Wave
  • I'm Not Ivory Towers
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    Thank You :)