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Naming, Identity & Strategy - I'm In. - A national political campaign for the Maltese General Elections 2013
Naming, Identity & Strategy – A nationwide political campaign for the Maltese General Elections 2013

I'm In was a nationwide political campaign commisioned by the Labour party in the run up to the Maltese General elections. This campaign was mainly aimed towards youths and first time voters, but proved to be quite successful with a big cross-section of the population. I was briefed to work on this project just before Christmas Day 2012, to create a simple identity, advertising material, publicity tools, website and mobile app to act as one of the driving forces to inform and attract people to vote for the Labour party lead by (now Prime Minister)
As the name for this campaign turned out to be quite conversational in nature, I tried to maintain a friendly, conversational and straight to the point tone of voice across all communications. We tried to introduce a customisable element to the identity. People could write their own messages, given the tools and framework to make their own merchandise and feel like they were intrinsically part of the campaign; pledging their support, stating that they're 'in'. This work below is only a small chunk of the work that was undertaken.
The team from the Labour youth forum FZL did a lot of groundwork and managed to deliver this identity well as you can see from the photos and videos below.
93% of the Maltese population (roughly 400,000) voted on the 8th of March 2013. 55% of which voted for the Labour party, winning the race by approximately 36,000 votes.
Although I'm not even remotely politically minded or understand all of the ins and outs of politics, I'm very pleased that I was part of a nationwide campaign that lead to a win. Seeing the videos below, I find it crazy that my work got so much exposure and is now part of Maltese history.
One of the many weekly I'm In event advertising
The website was designed to work best on mobile devices. It involved an infinity scroll news feed with filters, containing up to the minute information regarding the campaign.
Article/press release view
Facebook cover generator
Manifesto page, customised depending on the users' details.
The mobile app mimics the full website
I do not own any rights to the photography and I wasn't involved in any of the filiming or animation in the videos below.
I'm In – Campaign Launch
10th January 2013 - St Julians, Malta
Production - Keith Abela, Animation - Motion Blur, Presentation - Bryony Bartolo
I'm In - The Rally
28th February 2013 - Paola, Malta
Production - Keith Abela, Animation - Motion Blur, Presentation - Bryony Bartolo
The langauge spoken in these videos is Maltese. Apologies for the lack of translation.