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Branding for the 4th version of my personal blog I'm A Bear! Etc, an independent Atlanta music source since 2009.
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Anyone who has a basic understanding of me knows that I talk about music on a daily basis. Back in March of 2008 I set out to make that a reality by blogging about it every day. Now in it’s 4th year and 4th version, I’m A Bear! Etc. is a thriving standing in the Atlanta music community. As the creator, I still act as editor and designer. Since the beginning, the site has seen a growing fan base and readership and is one of Atlanta’s most widely visited music blogs today.

The latest version of the site was meticulously crafted as a custom WordPress theme. It leaves the story behind a big graphic for each story. It adapts to mobile, and is ready to read on the go. The logo went through many revisions and is finely tuned for this version and all identity with the site and social channels. Consistent graphics, colors and typefaces makes sure the reader knows they’re always on I’m A Bear! Etc.

You can check out I’m A Bear! Etc. by pointing your browser to