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Various illustration developed at 2011–2012. _ Ilustrações feitas para os mais diversos fins, com as mais diversas técnicas.
Bandit Love (2011). Ink wash and, later, art printed on craft paper. Illustration featured on (ex)Posto em Cordel.
Adventure Trailblazer (2012). Manual drawing and digital coloring. 
Illustration made for the event Ilustra Bacana, which theme was adventure.
Twiggy (2011). Soft pastel, charcoal pencil and colored pencils on Verge paper. Done in sketchbook.
Tired (2012). Graphite done in sketchbook.
Phoenix Like Me (2011). Pen and marker. Illustration for the event Ilustra Bacana, which theme was wildeness.
Diogo (2011) .Study done in sketchbook.

I Am Number Five (2012).  Pen. Study done in sketchbook.
Penélope (2011). Graphite done in sketchbook.
Metamorphosis (2011). Pen and marker on silver metallic paper.
Illustration for the event Ilustra Bacana, which theme was madness.