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  • An illustration done on the topic " Candyland".
    Medium : Watercolours
  • My take on the word " traffic". Medium : Watercolours and Soft pastels
  • Sketch of Jim Morrison. Medium : Pencil colours
  • Part of my Illustration course, These are hand painted portraits of my batchmate Suraj who was supposed to feature on the cover of a magazine
  • I gave a tribute to one of my favorite illustrators, Si scott through this accordion booklet. It contains a handwriiten essay about him and his work and some lettering done in his style.
  • A tessellation with owls. Medium : Digital ( Illustrator CS5 )
  • An experiment with blend tool on CS5 Illustrator depicting a Peacock
  • A chef's nightmare.
  • A vector Illustration of A dual reflex camera.
  • Taking forward the painiting by Salvador Dali, These are a few explorations of re-generating the same painting in different styles and mediums.
  • Artwork for an assignment that involved publicising a certain area in Ahmedabad.
  • My take on the word, Paranoid.
  • My take on the word, Mess.
  • An Illustration on the song " Dil Hai chota sa, Choti si aasha ", Where the intended audience was children.