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Illustrations, bit by bit.
illustrations, logos...
bit by bit...
Digital and traditional: pencil, felt marker, ink, acrylic and chalk.  
Vector illo for a children's edu-performance artist/writer.
A young student defies reality and learns some important and unexpected
 lessons during his fantastic quest for adventure... 
11 x 17 inch poster with room for sponsor info, logos, etc.
3d modeling/texturing/lighting/rendering for an RFP from a real estate agency. Some stock models were used. Mercurial Communications.
"Zen Reactor"
"the way"
colored chalk 30 x24 in.
gouache 30 x 24 in.
pencil on board 30 x 24 in.
guitar amp
pencil / digital 4 x 6 in.
Skullguy xmas fun -
pencil 8.5 x 11 in.
"making information accessible" 
= 2 entities/faces/minds connect via the solution.
the big M is striking out with solutions, just for you!
chemical reactions/nodes/places connect these folk
the company wanted a new logo/concept that spoke of technology and tradition in a first people's vein. a fairly quick mock-up with the old logo/type still visible–as requested. 
I created the new "haida-cam" logo and banner layout with cityscape.
This client was interested in a "strong, modern-looking" logo that would specifically serve as an ID patch on existing staff uniforms.