• For some time in the beginning of my career I worked as an freelancer illustrator, working for markets as different as publishing, packaging and branding. This experience gave me the artistic facet that I brought to later outputs in my career, as an Art Director in advertising and in graphic design.
  • Job: Illustration for window display
    Client: Pera College
    Agency: Freelancer
    Product: Language courses
    About: Concept, illustrations and art direction for a series of windows displays communicating the services from a Vancouver College.
  • Job: Illustrations for personal use - Portfolio
    About: Illustration for portfolio. Pencil and Photoshop
  • Job: Illustration for postcard
    Client: Ambev
    Agency: Elemento Comunicação Integrada
    Product: Guaraná Antarctica
    About: Illustration for postcard. Pencil and Photoshop.
  • Job: Personal
    About: Illustration for SLAM Project, Vancouver Film School
  • Job: Cider bootle design
    Client: Cereser
    Agency: Freelance
    Product: Cereser Strawberry and Cereser Italian Grape
    About: Illustration for bootle design. Pencil and Photoshop.
  • Job: Icon set for Pharmacy
    Client: Drogaria São Luiz
    Agency: Magma Design
    Product: Icon set for retail sign
    About: Illustration for retail sign. Illustrator.
  • Job: Character design
    Client: Editora Atual
    Agency: Freelance
    Product: Children book
    About: Character Illustration for children book. illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Job: Personal
    About: Concepts. Illustrator.
  • Job: Icon set
    Client: Friboi
    Agency: Magma Design
    Product: Safety training program
    About: Icon set for safety training book. Illustrator.
  • Job: Illustrations for children book
    Client: Editora Saraiva
    Agency: Freelancer
    Product: Educational book
    About: Illustration for 1st grade children book. Pencil and Photoshop.
  • Job: Illustrations for different applications
    Client: Magma Design, Tok&Stok and Instituto de Medicina Estética
    Agency: Freelancer
    Product: Butter Package design, Company Newsletter and Logo
    About: Different vector illustrations. Pencil and Illustrator.
  • Job: Illustrations for spray paint application manual
    Client: X-Row
    Agency: Elemento Comunicação Integrada
    Product: X-Rox spray paint
    About: Illustration for product manual. Pencil and Photoshop.