I have lately been more into drawing by using my hands instead of sitting on a computer. These Illustrations are created for various purposes but at the same time they've all been more or less personal experiments during the year 2013. Hope you enjoy. 
    Black Hawk (1767 – October 3, 1838) who was a leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe in what is now the United States. He is also among the few war leaders who has a war named after him: The Black Hawk War. This was hand-drawn on paper with pencils and ink. For Slashthree's exhibition themed "War"

  • War on Poaching
    Name is quite self-explanatory. I wanted to illustrate the big problem earth is facing when poachers kills endangered species to extinction one by one just for money. For Slashthree's exhibition themed "War". This was hand-drawn on paper with pencils and ink.

  • The War Within
    Illustration about the classical setting against good vs. evil. Inner war. Self portrait. For Slashthree's exhibition themed "War"
    Illustrated logo created for a friend of mine. Pencils and ink.
    The Last Supper
    Nature themed illustration created Desktopography's 2013 wallpaper exhibition. Pencils and ink.

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