Illustrations 2010/2011- Those Stars In My Eyes

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  • Illustrations 2010/2011 - Those Stars In My Eyes
    Illustration collection inspired by clouds, stars and the beautiful night sky.
  • Luna
    The goddess of the moon, has three phases of her life in full, crescent and new moon. At the moment, she is taking a short nap in her new moon phase before another cycle of her life starts again.
  • Tara - Sister I
    Whenever you need me
    I will always be there
    Don't worry my sister
    I will support you and love you
  • Vera - Sister II
    Whenever I need you
    You are always there
    Thank you my sister
    for your love and support
  • Let The Wind Blows
    Let the wind blows, and follow the whispers.
  • Will You Dream Of Me
    Under the stars tonight, when you fall asleep, will you dream of me?
  • The Silent Whispers
    Those whispers from my heart, that I can't put into words...
  • Those Stories You Told Me
    Those stories that you told me, every night in my dreams. I will still remember,
    when I wake up in the morning.
  • Hear My Prayer
    Hear my prayer, help us out of the valley of despair, let the darkness of the night passes and here comes the light of hope...