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Various illustration projects and commissions.
New from Kid Havoc. Brush and Ink 19 x 24” More details soon.
All We Eat Is Candy
Just for fun Destiny Poster. Brush and ink collaged on paper.
Illustration created for Bad Karma’s “Chaos Agent” by Jeremy Haun and Mike Tisserand as part of the Bad Karma vol.1 Anthology.
Dead Letters by Christopher Sebela and Chris Visions
Promotional Poster commission for the Pantanal Partnership.
Illustration for Popular Mechanics Magazine about the NSA surveillance program. AD Scott Wells
Illustration for Popular Mechanics Magazine for an article about Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop System. AD Scott Wells
Piece for The New Republic to accompany an article discussing the effectiveness of people-powered revolutions and the unwisdom of crowds specifically within the Kiev protests. AD Erick Fletes
Cover illustration for the short story "Gaurded Keepsakes" by Brian Wheeler.
Illustration for Dan Heidt’s  album “The View from Up Here”