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    Pencil or Pen and Ink
  • Ever since I could pick up a crayon I've been drawing.
  • Pencil drawing from 1984. My technique was to keep 10 - 15 pencils sharpened to needle sharpness with an X-acto knife.
  • Stippling drawing - about 18" X 18". Stippling is the technique of placing a ridiculous amount of tiny dots on the paper with ink to fill in tones (back then I used Rapidograph pens). This piece took me several months to complete, mainly because I filled in the darker areas with dots, instead of using a brush.
  • Another stippling drawing. This time I got smart and painted in the larger dark areas with solid ink, and stippled in the tones with white dots.
  • Colored pencil drawing on board. These were the members of the School Board where I worked.
  • Painted with Procreate on iPad Air
  • Drawn with Procreate on iPad Air