Illustration Friday, September/October 2012

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  • Imagination & Water
    An adventure and an adventurous romanceĀ 
  • "Imagination" was an experiement for me. I usually prefer simple, monochromatic illustrations that focus on a face or a part of it. This time I tried to make a more complicated work, full of color and different shapes.

    There are various references to some of my influences, i.e. Debiru-man, Shadowman, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, etc., yet this is not exactly a tribute but simply my way of showing how some stories have played a positive role in my life.
  • "Water" on the other hand is a way to confess a very personal story. I think this is the first and only time in my life I have decided to use blue as my main color, yet I truly love this picture.
  • Designing the fish was perhaps my favorite part of the whole process. I love doing such sketches and hopefully one day I will publish a book of that sort.
  • I would be happy to read your comments, ideas and criticism. In case you enjoyed the illustrations above please appreciate this thread.