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My August projects for Illustration Friday

Horror in time and height
Illustration Friday is a famous website, whose main idea is to suggest a weekly subject to Illustrators around the world, then let them create what they may come up with.

This July I started participating, and this is the result of what I produced in month August. This time, I tried to emphasize the idea of horror in both subjects and I was heavily influenced by my favorite mangaka, Go Nagai.
Project One - Freeze

The first thing that comes in mind when I combine the words "Freeze" and "Horror" is that of a human being scared, weak and trembling, unable to do anything to defend him/herself against a threat. I decided that the way to make this idea more horrifying was to present to you the place where the victim is going to end up -in between the teeth of the huge monster.
Project Two - Tall

This is a mix of older images I have produced. I am in the middle of re-reading Devilman and Devilman Lady, so I am currently addicted to big, obscure devils. I tried to emphasize red as much as I could and I used a similar technique (pen, then photoshop coloring) to the "Freeze" image, to show the relation these two have.
I would be happy to read your comments, ideas and criticism. In case you enjoyed the illustrations above please appreciate this thread.