• 100% Organic

    After coming across an article on organic candy, I decided to give my take on the subject.
  • After watching a movie called Trade (go watch it!) I realized how little I actually knew about the subject of sex trafficking, and that I had to express myself somehow about it. I hope this speaks for itself.

    This was also selected for American Illustration 32
  • Drought

    For an article about horses that fall victim to drought.
  • Games For Change

    For an article about using video games as educational aid.
  • Happily Never After

    Based on an article about withering relationships.
  • Junk Food

    Based on an article about how the US needs to stop subsidizing junk food. 
  • One Of These Days

    Selected into the Society of Illustrators 55
  • Greece Blames The Messenger

    This was based on an article about a Greek journalist who published a list containing the names of some rather important people with funds hidden in Swiss bank accounts. Instead of investigating the list, the government arrested the journalist who is now facing charges. I decided to give my take on “shooting the messenger” by using a falling carrier pigeon.
  • Deportation Nation

    On the deportation of american immigrants.
  • Dementia Behind Bars

    For an article about dealing with dementia in prison.
  • Fighting Superbugs

    On the need for more powerful antibiotics in the battle against bacteria.
  • On child labor in cocoa production.