• = recent illustrations 2 =
    commisioned stuff from past year
  • These I did for several clients, style depended on what they wanted from each illustration.
    I tried to experiment on some styles I didn't work with before for each one, 
    some ended up better than others.
  •  editorial illustration
    done for Decât O Revistă magazine
    little portrait illustration that accompanied an article with quotes from former romanian president Ion Iliescu
  • mock up
  • cd cover 
    done for romanian rap singer Guess Who
    This was meant to be a CD cover, but sponsors said no or something like that, so it only ended up as his single 'Tot mai sus' release image
  • mock up CD cover
  • postcard illustration
    done for WorldVision Romania
    this one was done for a charity project. Postcards were supposed to be sold in KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant and the money gathered would go to providing school bus transport for some kids in a remote village. Done around christmas time, hance the decorations
  • detail 1
    kids with homemade tree decoration, dressed in elf and christmas tree
  • detail 2
    rudolf themed costume with paper snowflake and santa hat with tree bulbs, latest village trends
  • detail 3
    kid with soviet winterhat carying the star to top the christmas tree, located miles away at school
  • postcard mock-up (ended up being a fridge magnet)
  • I found out it was done for KFC, so thought I'd add a subversive devil holding KFC bucket detail, too little for the eye to see, but enough to sleep well after I did it
  • campaign Illustration
    done for Radio Guerilla (via Propaganda agency)
    The radio celebrated 7 years of existence, so they wanted an illustration with all of their Dj's, each with some unique features.
  • detail 1
  • detail 2
  • detail 3
  • detail 4
  • Final model
    They wanted a simplified version of the illustration, I liked the previous one better