• Ilion
    Heavy Metal Band
  • The french band Ilion was formed in 2009 by Maxime Strub (drummer/singer) and Damien Pfeffer (guitarist). Then, Philippe Weissbeck was recruited as the bassist, and finaly Anthony Osche joined as the second guitarist. Their main influences are Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth. Anthony is also a great Yngwie Malmsteen fan and has interest for all the neoclassical music. First, Strub and Pfeffe...r thought about a « Tribute to Metallica » project, but they quickly begun to compose their own songs, and Ilion decided to forget the « tribute ». It's important for them, to constantly improve their skills, speed, and dexterity, that's why, each time they play music together, they also play Super Mario Bros. I am their official graphic designer since 2010. I made their logos, posters, flyers, goodies and also official shirts.

    Their Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/Ilionheavymetal
  • Poster for their second show in the "Le Marronnier" bar.
  • Poster for their last show in the "Le COM" bar. This poster was declined in 4 different versions.

  • The four versions of the poster.

  • The logo which is the pattern of the different shirts.
  • The different shirts (Girl, Hoodie, Guy).