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Calendar for Ilim-Group Scene: Forest
Ilim calendar 2013

Made in Inology
Designers: Roman Kirichenko, Marika Smirnova
Copywriters: Evegeniya Mahina, Anton Borisov
Art-director: Vladimir Bolshakov

* * *

Scene of action – forest

Forest in all its splendour and variety remains a source of inspiration.
In the works of Russian writers forest is not only the background of narration, but it is a living
personage, full-blooded participant of literary action. And though forest is not always the chief
hero, this does not prevent it from being majestic, mysterious and sacramentally beautiful – as it
appears in our favorite books.
For the calendar of “Group Ilim” we chose twelve passages from classics of Russian literature,
which describe forest in all seasons of the year. Every page invites you to perform literary walk
around the forest and to receive evidence that scene of action sometimes is not less important
than action in fact.