Il dono accomuna - Public square in Quartucciu (I)

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  • Competition for the rehabilitation of a public square,
    Quartucciu (CA), Sardinia, 2010 
  • Four possible configurations: 1. Summer festival; 2. Outdoor celebration in summer; 3. Summer sunday; 4. Workdays.
  • Perspective view from above showing all the elements of the square during a summer festival.
  • The grey ellipses show the areas with a better comfort both in winter (the sunlit ones) and in summer (the shaded ones), obtained through a combination of solar irradiation, ventilation, humidity and shade.
  • The pergola, the trees and blade of water contribute to both the urban design of the square and its climate control. The spatial design of the square aims to enhance hygrothermal conditions in order to encourage its use to the fullest extent for prolonged period of time. Vitality and accessibility of public spaces are in fact strongly affected by their level of comfort.
  • Granite floor, pergola, and water.