• Apparati Effimeri the Mapping Festival – Geneva, May 19, 2012
    On the occasion of Mapping Festival Apparati Effimeri has performed an architectural projection in the internal courtyard of the “Musée de l’art et de l’Histoire.
    The Mapping Festival that is now to its eighth edition, almost for ten days a year animates the city of Geneva by hosting the best Visual Designers of the moment . the couple Bigi-Grassivaro in cooperation with Hungarian group Bordos.ArtWorks and Geneve group have ended the 2012 edition of the Festival have given to the audience three performance of high emotional standard.
    Apparati Effimeri has transformed the front of the Museum in an animated painting creating powerful illusions Remote surreal landscapes and sunsets have covered the architecture, enthusing the participants. The projection is then ended with the unveiling of the 3D model building.