Il Cuore di Milano

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  • Il Cuore di Milano
    LED light installation
  • Promotional LED tube concept, originally created for Diesel Wall in Milan and its 360 square meter wall at Colonne di San Lorenzo; work in progress. This art installation is featuring the only sign occurring in all religions—the heart, pulsating constantly in organic flows, programmed to respond to the volume of sounds/voices (people, cars, birds, etc.), recorded by a microphone for that moment in time, which in the end has an impact on the pulse of the heart. The louder its surrounding area, the more intense the heart beat. The color is up to the current weather conditions recorded by a sensor. This light installation is a piece of living architecture and allows the place Colonne di San Lorenzo vibrantly interact with its visitors and also reflect its surrounding environment.
  • Design: Nicole JacekClient: Diesel / Diesel WallNot completed.Exhibited and shortlisted at bright LED exhibition, Gwangju Design Biennale 2007, South Korea