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Study for personal identity
What if I were to brand myself? What defines me and how could I show my entire self through an identity?

I challenged myself with this question and designed an identity that
could represent me.
Who am I? What sets myself apart from other individuals? I listed some characteristics that could answer that question.
Completed in 2012
I am half Italian and half German. I wanted to include this element so I kept in mind the shape of these countries' flags.
Important part of my life is Japan. I graduated in Japanese studies and I lived in Tokyo for about 3 years. My name in Japanese is one of the first things I learned and is the introduction to my whole Japanese experience. I wanted to use this into my concept, so I took the first character of my name, "MI", as reference.
As a designer but also as individual, I develop a lot. I am a box that is constantly changing and renewing its content. Following trends, moods, experience and knowledge, I am in continuous development.
I have always found it difficult to represent the sound of my name, Michela. Most people cannot read it the way it should be, so I chose to use "Mikela" instead.