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    first part:
    - prospecting impressing influences in photography
    - how does identity gets into a picture
    second part:
    empirical studie about impressing influences of identity in design and architecture
    associative consideration
    taking pictures for a cultural probe. Buzzphrases are given, ''like somthing that reminds me of my childhood''
    repetitive considerration
    taking pictures for a whole day every 30 minutes.
    taking pictures of myself for 7 days. One just me and the camera and  another one with someone in the room watching me whilst doing it.
    reflecting other people
    taking pictures of 7 different people in 7 days. One pictures was done with only me and the model in the room. For the second one a visitor was introduced to the situation.
    reflection in detail
    a interview with close friend in a bar about his relationship to his own objects he exhibit
    The Magazin is a result of a interflex design theoriy courses at FH Potsdam.
    The Seminar was conducted by Prof. Funke and Mr. Berg