Identidad Visual [Visual Identity]

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  • [The following images belongs to a graphic system of pieces created for a ficticious car supply agency. The idea comes when we cross, conceptually, two existing universes that never would have found by themselfes: religion and cars.]
  • Postal. La Santa María de los Neumáticos.
    [A postcard. The Saint Mary of Tires.]
  • Afiche. Culto al Fierro, nombre de la agencia.
    [Poster. Car worship, the name of the agency.]
  • Postal. Bar 666, un aviso del bar.
    [A postcard. Bar 666.]
  • Triptico. Los 10 Mandafierros.
    [Triptych. The 10 carmandaments.]
  • Aviso publicitario para revista.
    Magazine advertisement.