• 25/08/11
    IdN Video v18n4 OPENING TITLE

    YEAR: 2011
    TYPE: DVD Opening Title
    WHAT: Direction, 3D & Compositing
    CLIENT: IdN Magazine
    FACES: Linda Lisino, Giulia Pistarini, Elisa Sasso
    MUSIC: Jakob Figo
    THANKS: Teatr8

    One of the world’s most important design magazine gave us the opportunity to create the dvd opening titles for the outcoming issue "IdN Video v18n4".
    We had total freedom to give birth to a video without any restrictions, experimenting with techniques that we never used before.It was a huge effort in a short time but we had a lot of fun and we learned so much.
    Thanks to IdN Magazine and to all the people involved in this project.
    Here you can take a look at the magazine http://idnworld.com/mags/?id=v18n4