Icone by Triangle

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  • Icone is an amplified speaker which provides 360° sound system. It is a new way to listen to music thanks to its wireless technology. This product has a strong identity and personality with this affirmed silhouette. It is on first sight recognizable with the pattern which allows the music to express itself through the product and offers visually a new sound feeling as well.
  • We focused our analysis mainly on the user's environment to create stories, moods and inspirations for our product Icone.
  • The way to listen to the music is proper to each one and this influences the use and the functions of the product.
  • A team meeting with our partner Triangle.
  • Some of my sketches...
  • Selection of the most relevant concepts (ideation). Formalized with Photoshop.
  • Interface on the product.
  • Different uses through the application for smartphone, tablet and computers.
  • My smartphone needs energy!
  • The breath.
  • Connectors for nostalgics.
  • ID.
  • Our team: Tim Defleur (co-leader), Sebastien Baudemont (digital designer), Manon Bourette (member), Hadrien Houyez (member) and Myself (leader).
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