Ich kann dich gut riechen

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  • Creative implementation of the basic scents of the perfum industry as a source of inspiration for advertising motives.
    It surrounds us every day, leaves a good feeling, stimulates the senses and brings back memories. Perfume. By smelling a fragrance these sense impression responds to our feelings in a very special, emotional and intense kind of way. Fragrances relive nostalgic moments in one’s mind and invite you to dream. These moments are extremely sensual and personal, whereas every person has its own individual and private experiences.
  • It is a phenomenon of our brain, which combines sents and perfumes with special moments, saves them and obtains after repeated smelling.
    Everyone knows it: the appearance of images by the smell of certain fragrances. This, together with own subjective memories and experiences associated with fragrances, gives rise to further researches and is considered as the triggering moment of the project. How can the emotional effects of fragrances be visually translated and which knowledge does it offers for the creation of print campaigns for the perfume industry? What patterns are formed and are there certain standards for the approach of visualization?
  • With which design medium the topic would be represented at its best? This leads to a closer examination of current advertising campaigns of the perfume industry to find out more about their styles and compositions.
    There are numbers of well-designed print campaigns for perfumes, but what is behind them in detail? To whom do they want to address and are they divided into groups? Distinct schemes can be seen, which are often repeated. Would it be possible to approach to another creative perspective to design these campaigns and possibly stimulate new solution processes? This requires a fundamental analysis of the basic notes in perfumery. Colors, shapes, typography, and atmospheres must be recognized. What imagery and design languages can clarify scents? Is it possible to develop a guide that can be used for future campaigns?
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