The Portrait Of Dorian Gray | A Concise IV Act Tale

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  • Although technological advances have offered publishers the opportunity to take books into digital form we case consumers are not ready to leave the physicality of a book behind, the texture of the stock, the differences in stock, the paper weight are all elements of the traditional book which must be preserved. So how will the book evolve without embracing the digital age?

    A concise version of the traditional book must be born! A version that captures the narrative of the book but in half the time. A version, which encapsulates the heritage of the physical book but offers the reader the narrative in a snapshot. In the 21st Century this is absolutely necessary, people don’t have the time to sit round reading two hundred to four hundred pages to discover what could have been told within fifty to one hundred pages. The book needs to adapt to this new readership of time stricken upstarts, the book needs to be concise. 

    The concise is here, the concise is in the now!