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Identity work for London-based charity Food For All in response to the 2013 ISTD brief 'Food For Thought'
ISTD 2013: Food For Thought
This project was my entry to the International Society of Typographic Designers' student awards. The brief, which was very open, simply asked students to design a project around the subject of food. After thinking of cook books, infographics, packaging design and other possibilities, I settled on the idea of designing material for a great charity, Food For All (FFA). FFA is a great London-based charity that cooks over 900 meals a day for the disadvantaged using food that is either on or just past its sell-by date, and that would be thrown out by supermarkets. They combat two important issues – hunger and food waste – but go largely unnoticed in part because their website, branding and appeals are so poorly designed. To help gain more exposure for their charitable work, I created an identity, two billboards, a website, a mail-out flyer and an envelope for it.
Billboards: Taste vs Waste
Logo & Construction: Designed in the style of a barcode
Direct Mailer: Envelope designed to look like food packaging
Website Design: Food typography is in-keeping with other elements of the brand