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  • ISTD 2012 - On This Day
    The Berlin Wall 
  • This project captures the history of the Berlin Wall. The book isdesigned in two parts (divided like Berlin once was). The First is the historyof the wall before it was torn down. The second is a documentation of the daythe wall came down and what came after. Book one is large in scale and intendedto be physically intimidating in appearance. Blocks of justified text and largescale quotes and extracts from speeches are there to recreate the oppressivenature of walls.

    Book two is a contrast of the first, with a more celebratory content. Butkeeping the same grey paper stock combined with a pure white paper helps to tieboth books together. Full colour imagery of celebration around the wall alsoincreases the positive feel to the content. Cut away sections throughout thisbook are there to symbolise the degradation of the East Berlin regime and the Berlin Wall Itself.