• Thanks to the ergonomic design of the neckband, this product does not shake during the strenuous exercise; and the part touching bodies is made of high-quality urethane material and provides a nice feel.
  • 6 hard keys placed on both sides in front of Neckband support entertainment and health monitoring function.
  • These buttons have the integrated waterproof structure without the parting lines with the neckband, so users can use this product with easy mind during the excercise.
  • IRIVER ON has the stereo earphones with a built-in measurement sensor made by innovative technology.
    Users can receive various information including accurate heart rate and related data from earphones.
  • user enjoying jogging or extreme sports, can enjoy high-quality music in a more comfortable environment. IRIVER ON’s innovative neckband type form factor comfortably wraps users’ neck and provides stable usability during the strenuous exercise.
  • In-house Design : Jeongbeom Han