• Intellectual Property: A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E. from Our Hero, APPRENTICE!

    Our Hero, APPRENTICE!, is a character driven project that has been designed for a multi-platform environment. (Toys, video games, animation, etc.) To help get the project rolling, APPRENTICE was recently turned into a prototype to get a more refined look and feel for the character. (As seen in this section.)

    The OHA! universe is immensely inspired by the overwhelming game pixel saturation that I was exposed to during my awkward teen years. Every nerd out there knows the curse of adolescence. I would like to personally thank the seedy arcade parlors of my youth for being our asylum and my inspiration! :D

    (Figure sculpted and produced by Pretty In Plastic.)

    OHA! Fun Fact: APPRENTICE is an acronym. APPRENTICE (or A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E.) stands for: Artificial Positronic Person Responsible for Efficient Nullification, Thorough Infiltration and Ceaseless Exploration.

    Our Hero, APPRENTICE! and A.P.P.R.E.N.T.I.C.E. is © and ™ Dynomight NYC 2009-2013. All rights reserved.
  • Our Hero, APPRENTICE! (Version 1) - Original Model Sheet (Sketchbook)
  • Our Hero, APPRENTICE! (Version 2) - Blind Box Model Sheet - Measurements
  • Our Hero, APPRENTICE! (Version 2) - Blind Box Edition (Model Sheet) - Round 1
  • OHA! Approved Colors and Design (Final)
  • Our Hero, APPRENTICE! Prototype: Resin: 6.5" Tall