• 5 INTRO TITLES /  Elevation Events

    Elevation Events organizes several festivals and dance-events in the area of Utrecht, The Netherlands. For each event they produce all kinds of promotions video's. Studio AIRPORT was asked to make a series of creative intro titles for these video's. The only restrictions we've had was the fact that we needed to use the logo's and colors of the events and the request that all video's were totally different from each other. We've used various techniques and materials to make these spirited titles.

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  • We've designed 5 intro titles /

    - Elevation Events (the logo, at the end of each video.)
    - Soenda (a great festival with over 8.000 visitors)
    - Kijkje in de Keuken van. (interviews with Artist in there own kitchen.)
    - Focus (dance event focusing on one special DJ)
    - Smeerboel (a creative and intimate festival)

    Shot with: Canon 5D and Canon EOS 50D
    Visuals & Sound-design by Studio AIRPORT
  • 1. Elevation Events - Logo / stop-motion

    This video was the only 'outro' of the series. We kept it simple by building up the logo in stop-motion. Next to this we wanted to make a link with music by using the sound equalizer and the speakers inside of the logo. The logo is lasercut out of perspex and the video was fully shot in stop-motion.
  • 2. Soenda Festival / stop-motion

    Soenda is a great festival where you enter a world of music and creativity. We've used the existing artwork and translated it into a new form. To give an idea of a "fantasy world", we tried to create an animation with lots of layers and depth. The whole video exists of single cardboard plates with a silhouet inside of them. We've shot the video in 24 frames/sec.
  • 3. Kijkje in keuken - Interviews with Artists / Video

    Elevation Events interviews lots of interesting DJ's over the year. They do this in the kitchen of the selected DJ. The interview gives a glimp of the vision, techniques and passion of the DJ. With every cloth falling you get a bit closer to the DJ and his personality.
  • 4. Focus - specific DJ in the spotlight / stop-motion

    Focus is an event which puts a specific DJ in the spotlight. This DJ will give an insight of his/her personal preferences. Since it's all about music we've used a turntable for this video. The turntable spins a vinyl with the title of the event. 'Focus' is necessary to find out what is written.
  • 5. Smeerboel Festival / stop-motion

    Smeerboel is the most creative festival of Elevation Events. This event encouraged everyone to dress, act and dance however they feel like. The 'what's in your bag' idea made us use different goods and party-tools as a base to work with. Smeerboel means mess in a positive sense, the end of the video speaks for itself.
  • For more information check our website / www.studio-airport.nl