International Art Festival
    Visual Identity created for International Art of Action Festival "Interakcje" as a school project for final MA exams at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.
    Visual Information Design Studio
    Promoter: Dr. Piotr Karczewski
    The idea of the festival emerged in 1998. There was dinner in “Europa” restaurant, which at that time still functioned only as s gastronomy and a place of social gatherings, and it was organised to celebrate the symbolic transfer of the centre of the world to Piotrków. During this dinner Ryszard Piegza said: “Why not here!”. The first International Festival of the Art of Action “Interakcje” took place in May 1999 in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland. Since that time artists from the whole world have been coming to the town to present their achievements, to discuss the modern art, to interact with the place and its inhabitants – in other words to create art!
    In process of creation I have worked with printed material and applied manual techniques such as scraping, ripping, demolishing, and also use of handwritten typography. By that I was aiming to translate the spirit of this very dynamic environment of the festival into visual work which will work in symbiosis and be complementary to creative process taking places during the festival.

    Special thanks: Karolina Wygas
    Big thanks for providing photographs which I used in my work from last year edition of Festival to: Mariusz Marchewa Marchlewicz, Katarzyna Skowrońska,
    Special thanks to my friends for allowing me to photograph them: Paweł Nawrocki, Łukasz Gliszczyński, Łukasz Marcinkowski, Karolina Kowara, Karolina Kumorek, Magdalena Adamczyk, Michał Sukiennik, Kuba Sokołowski, Paulina Karewicz
    Thanks for the pictures of the exam to: Paweł Nawrocki
    Thanks for your support to: Jarosław Michalski, Łukasz Piskorek, Paweł Nawrocki, David Błażewicz, Piotr Hołub, 
    "Interakcje" Festival website: www.interakcje.org
    Thank You for watching!
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