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Our Mobile and Interactive clients include: San Francisco Public Utility Commission, General Electric, Nu Offer, Lustr, R/GA, IBM, Fleetly
Wired Cover Smart Watch/Glass UI
A smartwatch/glasses UI icon scheme was developed for this issue of Wired. Appeared in both Print and Digital editions.
San Francisco Public Utilities HQ - Interactive Media Wall
In collaboration with Obsuca, we Designed and Illustrated a digital media wall for the new San Francisco Public Utlities Comission HQ lobby. People can see adaptive statistics and data about how Bay-area citizens are using energy, and where it's going to. 
IBM - The Smarter City
Conception, storyboarding, and illustration for the Transportation Section of the IBM Smarter City microsite. Created with the team at Ogilvy NY. 
National Geographic
Infographics done for National Geographic. Animated version for iPad done with help from our friends at GoGo Project.
General Electric - Get Skills to Work
Animated short created for General Electric/BBDO to help get the message out about Get Skills to Work, a program that helps returning veterans enter the workforce. Created with help from our friends at GoGo Project and Dave Casey.
Lustr Fashion Finder
Complete branding (including naming), and design of a new mobile shopping app was provided for the fashion startup, Lustr. Aimed at NYC shoppers, the app provides users with secret promotions and services catered to their customized needs.
Nike+ Calendar
Working with the R/GA team in NY, this Calendar for Nike+ fuel was created.