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    INLETT (prison slang for a letter written by an arrested person)
    Murderer, drug dealer, rapists, bank robber and blackmailer. There is little that the public interests more than the crime and the supposed criminal. The media examines the defendant’s life and his environment in detail. Every little stone is turned over twice. Not uncommonly the trials end in a huge media spectacle. Society is solely asking the question (of) how one could be capable of doing such act and could become like this. Directly after the prison gates close behind the perpetrator, calmness restores. The society abandons him to his fate
    in one of the correctional facilities and soon loses interest. The condemned criminal awaits a life in a shadow world, in which nothing reaches the outside world unless someone breaks out or is tortured to death.
    Thereby, no one can ignore what happens in prison-subcultures and how an inmate develops during imprisonment. Having in mind that 98 per cent of all arrested persons will be released and, therefore, be
    part of our society again.
    Who are these people that are sent to prison? How are they? How does life of their relatives go on? What is to expect when criminals are incarcerated all together day by day into little holding cells? How would I behave in such a situation? What do you do all day? What are the everyday problems in jail? How does prison change you? What chances in future do you have as an ex-inmate? How do you find a new lease of life and why don’t
    I actually know anyone who used to be in prison?
    These are just some of the questions that I asked myself and I would like to approach in this magazine. However, there is one question left that I could not answer up to the present day and hopefully, it will never
    be necessary. How does it feel if you lose the most important feature in your life – freedom?
    Awards Junior Corporate Design Award, 2013
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