INJUVE (Government of Spain)

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    INJUVE means Youth Institute. This organization belongs to the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

    They create a website where is reported that the government provided aid to young people who want to find work, find housing financial help, guidance for young people who wanted to leave home, subsidies for rented accomodation, carreer counseling, grants for setting up a company, etc.

    However, one year later there was no response, in fact they looks for excuses not to visit the site, “a goverment site?? Uf bureaucratic and boring, they ignore me, more aplicants than grants…”

    The callenge was: to generate interest on the web site, to find a way for an institutional web to grab youngster attention and hardest to go, to generate curiosity about something that people won’t look for it in the first place or worst still, they try to avoid.

    Brief: los jóvenes no visitan su página. ¿Cómo conseguir que la gente quisiera entrar en su web? Cerrándola. Porque la gente no valora lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde.


    Creative Directors - Jorge López & Elvio Sánchez

    Creatives - Esteban Franco, Oscar Alonso, Álvaro López, Jorge G.

    Directors - Álvaro López & Jorge G.

    Production - Lola Madrid.