• Individu (2000x420x60mm), executed in Accoya wood, is a public outdoor seating furniture, repeating one element to create a seating opportunity. This creates a direct dialogue between itself and the space in which it is located.

    It aims at being a public added value in squares, parks, etc. The costumer (city or authority) that buys this piece of furniture has the complete freedom to choose how he wants to profile himself with this piece, because there are several settings and implanting possibilities. By doing this, I respond to the data ‘urban architecture’. With this you do not just buy one or more benches and scatter them around, but place very conscious according to the needs of the surroundings. This way it is not urban furniture ‘in a public place’ but ‘It becomes a part of the public place’.

    PICTURES © ROBBIE DEPUYDT       www.robbiedepuyd t.be

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