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Here I share my latest murals...concept, final wall and painting timelapses
In Style We Trust Murals
to be continued...
Here I'd like to share my latest and the coming murals. In july 2011 I started to look for big sized painting opportunities to paint the mantras I've in the back of my head since I started doing graffiti in the late eighties. Till today "In Style We Trust" and "Fuck The Norm" are the monkeys on my back that keep me trying harder every day.

I'll update this project as soon as a new mural is existing.
I hope you like the stuff I'll collect here!
Edit: No mural but a related, customized "In style we trust" -train, a contribution to an "ALL CITY STYLE" group-exhibition in Bochum// Germany...
I only got an angled photo of the wall and redistorted I needed to adjust the wall in the end wich was higher than thought ;)
While working on my latest mural, at OloBianco Festival in Magdeburg/ Eastern Germany I got so much nice footage that I couldn't resist doing a teaser- big thanks to Schere, I'll upload the final making off and photos as soon as possible. Hope you like it!
I painted this "Hope"-mural (4x26m) with my friend David Stegmann aka dust in Braunschweig Germany...
Long time no style painted, Ruhr-University// Bochum //Germany// January 2013:
Just finished my "Spirit"-Mural in Dortmund/ Germany @Wam die Medienakademie who sponsored the work.
Making off-video follows as soon as possible