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  • Celebrity Lookalikes
    ISSUE 1: JUNE 2012
  • Style of dress establishes who we are. We use dress unconsciously and consciously to form an identity. Fashion is used to define status and the photographer’s representation can affect the identity of a person.
    This project started from Benjamin Turgel having a fascination with the influence of celebrity culture, using the inspiration of celebrity lookalike photographers like James Mollinson and Alison Jackson.
    Turgel found the idea of how someone can make a career purely out of looking like somebody else fascinating. Interviewing the models further revealed similarities and differences in lifestyle and personality and it was interesting to hear the models comments about how their lives compared to the celebrities.
    Turgel was interested in the concept of how two sides to a personality can exist in a person. e.g. in a lookalike - having your own character and having your alter ego. In and Out magazine explores the concept of having two sides to a personality: your own and your alter ego.