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  • Sincethe introduction of 3D software everyone has been producing images throughcomputers massively. After an era of digital excitement the hunger forcraftsmanship was bigger than ever. IN OTHER WOR(L)DS we do not exclude neithertechniques, but merge both. Images are presenting blurring boundary betweenarchitecture and graphic design, painting and sketching, computer and handdrawing. The result is a unique technique combination of sketch elements liketrees, plants, characters inside 3D that is used as a tool for creating surrealscenes of dreams and poetry.

    AleksandarHrib (1986) was born in Pancevo, Serbia. Aftergraduation he moved to the Netherlandsto continue his creative career in Rotterdam.Trained as an architect he works on both architecture (Maxwan architects &urbanists), photography, 3D and hand drawing. After several exhibitions in Serbia he isconquering the world through his rapidly growing followers at tumblr. To keeptrack of his activities he publishes on Tumblr.

    ArturBorejszo (1978) was born in Łódz, Poland. Already living for 4 yearsin Rotterdamhe’s breathing the progressive language of the city. Trained as an architectbut recruited for much more than that he uses his creative muscles both inarchitecture (Maxwan architects & urbanists) and art. With a love forpixels, render engines, buildings and space he’s meeting other artists in thefield collaborating on graphical experiments. To keep track of his activitieshe publishes on Tumblr.