• IMDB User Interface Concept
    Film page. PSD file available
  • What don`t have the current IMDB design? It is overloaded. Large amount of unstructured information. While most users of such sites pay attention mainly to the pictures, videos and more. 

    So I did a clean and sleek design. Here, the user receives a screen on which there is information about the film: photos, actors, trailers, storyline and more. He does not have to twist, twirl, to read. All that is needed - is to look at the screen. If the information is insufficient, then click the arrow and get the second screen. Also I integrated the viewing of the film on NetFlix and purchase at Amazon.

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  • Film page
  • Menu
  • Player Popup component
  • Top panel
  • In details
  • PSD File

    The Internet has become a necessary part of our lives. Now we can’t imagine ourselves without it. Of course we wantto live in beautiful, innovative and convenient rhings. And the Internet should not be an exception, it must comply with current reauirements. We can make the Internet better, I believe in it. 

    We can show the world community and the way decisions in terms of design and usability, and together we will change the usual apathy and make our lives better. 

    This PSD can help those who want to find out how I made this design.


    You can download the file on DeviantArt