• Music vidéo for Shakaponk.
    From the third album "The Geeks and the Jerkin".

    Client: Tot Ou Tard & Shakaponk.
    Production Studio: Sabotage-Studio.

    Directed by
    Sylvain Tardiveau.
    Production: Tot Ou Tard & Sabotage-Studio.
  • Written/Director : Sylvain Tardiveau.
    Production: Sabotage Studio & Tot'ouTard.

    3D Artists:
    Cyril Costa [S'FX/Hair/Modeling/Setup], Sly [Animation/Modeling/Texturing/Lighting].
    Jérémie Moncomble [Robot setup]. Stéphane Fradet [Animation]
    Arnaud Coia [Animation]. Ludovic Mannoni [S'FX Particles]. Olivier Masson [Modeling]

    2D Artists:
    Astrid Tessier [Keying/Pre-compositing]. Caroll Klacar [Keying].
    Cyril Plou [Keying]. Emmanuel Pichereau [Keying/Pre-compositing]. 
    Sly [Compositing], Stéphane Bève [Keying].
    .Thanks for watching.