• Above: This is the cover for a launch issue which would explore the issue of "Hijaab."

    I conceived a magazine that would be able to challenge global preconceptions and misconceptions on heavy issues,ranging from religious issues like the Headscarf or political issues like the return of Soviet Russia, all aimed at an 18-25 year old demographic.

  • Above: Article which explores reactions of the public to those who wear the headscarf, with some humorous results.

    Images were integral to making this magazine that bit more digestible for my target demographic as they would breakup the columns of information, as well as a spacious layout and light weight typeface.

  • This article explores how some girls were forced to wear the headscarf for veil and the resulting effect it has had on their relationship with their family and their faith.

    Each article will open with a calligraphic title, in this case, I created four Arabic fonts which can be used in various contexts and formats.

  • A photographic feature exploring modern takes on traditional Middle Eastern fashion.

  • An article exploring the history of the head scarf in relation to regal head wear of Ancient Egyptian queens and the more modest adaptation in religious history originating in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

  • An article exploring how the veil is taking on new forms and styles in cosmopolitan global cities like Dubai.

  • An article exploring how the headscarf is employed in the three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

  • An article interviewing a fictional fashion designer pushing the boundaries of how the hijaab is maintained in the 21st Century.

    All photography, styling, lighting, art direction, editorial and typography by Muiz.