IKEA Interactive Billboard

  • 1914
  • 45
  • 1
  • An interactive billboard was placed in urban areas, disguised as a window of an apartment building. Passers by were intrigued by the shadows moving behind the curtain and message “Know what the furniture is doing while you are not at home”. Using a high resolution LED touch screen technology, this billboard played on people’s desires to take a peek, and highlighted the unlimited placement options of IKEA furniture.
  • 1.Moving shadows on digital LED display which look like a window.
    2.On touching the billboard, the curtains automatically open.
    3.Upon taking a peek they see whole room with the furniture suddenly jumping back to their places.

  • 4.When people remove their hands from the billboard, the curtains closes and the furniture shadows start moving once again.

    5.Now even more curious, people open the curtain to see the same furniture but in a completely different position in the room.