ID Cafe (identify yourself) Branding Project

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  • Identify Yourself (ID cafe) 
  • This project involved my interpretation of a logo of new cafe' called ID CAFE, located in Sliema, Malta. I wanted to create something 'fresh', especially since the idea behind Id was new.  I proposed the idea of having several faces painted on pebbles, so as to represent identity. 

    Maltese beaches and the fresh breeze of summer near the sea were the muses which led to the choice of pebbles as a material to work with. Since Id's slogan is 'Identify Yourself', portraying different identities on each pebble with hand painted faces seemed a fitting approach.  There were over 150 pebbles used, each one attempting to represent a different personality. Each pebble was illustrated using indian ink and red paint and each one is unique. Everything was done by hand in this project, and this is what made the interpretation of the logo more special.
  • The presented logo which has to be interpreted together with the Cafe's concept
  • Sketches of different faces
  • Some of the 150 illustrated pebbles
  • Close ups of some pebbles
  • Getting organised to shape the logo
  • Logo stencil ready
  • All pebbles in place to form ID
  • The final photograph which was then used for the flyer below
  • Flyers used for the promo of ID Cafe'. Designed by Christopher D'Esposito