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  • Dragon roars!

    2 months left in 2011.
    The most memorable year and the year we will never forget.  – Japan 3.11.11 Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster.
    Through this disaster, I strongly feel that “No More man-made disaster”
    What is a reason for people to wake up in the morning?
    What’s going on within the society is, I think, what’s going on inside of us.

    Which way do we go, as who have commitment towards creating Beauty?
    There is not much we can do in the limited time.
    A new year is coming in 2 months. Year of the Dragon.

    Every designer expresses their thoughts and feelings with the image of Dragon, as they take a step in 2012.

    Always be honest about every little thing.
    We want to put our heart and soul into everything.

  • "81"
    Hair design Kazuya Kurosaki   Photograph Munenari Maegawa, Make up Yoshi.T
  • Dragon's roars for Rebirth 20110311
    Hair design Takeshi Nakajima, Photograph Munenari Maegawa, Make up Yoshi.T
  • Eccentric
    Hair designer Mitsuo Kitao, Photograph Munenari Maegawa, 
  • "Pray"
    Hair design Hidekazu Nagata, Photograph Munenari Maegawa
  • Rebirth
    Hair design shinsuke Namazue,  Photograph Munenari Maegawa,
    Hair design Youko Kawajiri, Photograph Munenari Maegawa