• Branding
  • Times are changing, always and everywhere. 25 years the ICG Integrated Consulting Group is working with companies in Central and Eastern Europe to realise sustainable change.

    In 2011 the brand ICG Integrated Consulting Group was ready for a change too. The new corporate design conveys the consultant's identity, its  corporate values and goals: distinction and autonomy.

    The hand-drawn graphics based on flip-chart presentations are a symbol of the fresh ideas and solutions that are developed in workshops.

    Corporate branding and design by
    moodley brand identity.
    Client: ICG Integrated Consulting Group
    Creative direction: Mike Fuisz 
    Art direction und graphic design: Kurt Glänzer 
    Director Digital: Birgit Taucher 
    Client service: Angela Pilz 
    Publishing: Nina Prehofer 
    Photography: Marion Luttenberger, Winni Wintermeyer, jock + scott
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