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  • This project was done as part of an Advanced Graphic Design & Typography class taught by Steven Driscoll Hixson. The purpose of this project was to develop an informational design strategy based on a topic of choice. The objective is to inform the viewer by providing critical details of the essential steps to complete a goal or tell a story through a set of 10 icons or pictograms.

    To create this story I spent time digging through old photos and reminiscing with my dad about times spent out on the lake ice fishing. I worked on creating a series of sentences related to my theme and eventually narrowed it down to 10 defining sentences that best tell my story. Below are my ten sentences from which I eventually created my icons. Together the icons, sentences and illustration portray my experiences ice fishing with my dad in a whimsical and informative poster.

    TITLE: Ice Fishing A Tale of Fishing With Dad

    1. Always wear your long johns. It's important to properly layer when spending hours outside with dad.
    2. The ice shanty is also a sled before it's set up. When hauling gear out to the lake hitch a ride with dad.
    3. Stay back while dad is using the ice auger. The water will splash your boots and leave you with wet socks.
    4. Don’t forget to scoop the ice out of the hole. If you don’t it will freeze over and dad will get upset.
    5. Always hook your minnow through the back, not the lip. If you don’t dad will keep having to replace it.
    6. Document your catch. Otherwise no one will believe dad when he says he caught a monster northern.
    7. When tip ups are ready use your jig pole. Dad will not leave until he has something to show for the day.
    8. Maintain your lines. Each person is allowed to have three lines, dad brought me so he could have six.
    9. Be ready for the tip up. Dad will hand you the line and expect you to run to reel the sh in.
    10. Don’t step into an unmarked hole. Dad will have to pull you and your boot out and leave immediately.
  • Original Poster Size - 36" x 22"